For all you ladies out there that wonder what is the purpose of today… sometimes all we need to do is say thank you for breathing… that is always a good start when I start on my thought pattern of “what’s my purpose?”  There is something about being thankful that completely makes us focus more on a half FULL glass than a half EMPTY glass.  Sometimes life will not be fair, good or just be “blah” but once we turn on the TV look at the news… look at the homeless out there or when I see the miserable people in their fancy cars or clothing… I say “THANK YOU GOD!” because as much as I may want to complain at times  and oh does it feel goooooood to complain… I can’t.  I look and I laugh at the 3 yorkies that run around this crazy old victorian creating havoc, I think about the courage of my dear daughter, I look at my fiancé and smile my loved ones are all healthy and well… La vida isn’t perfect BUT THAT SURE DON’T mean I should be consumed by the imperfections, it just means I simply gird up my loins and KEEP IT MOVING. (grammatical errors are accepted on this site)

So mi gente, mis ladies, go on and move gracefully through this thing called life.  Take a deep breath and let nothing steal your inner peace… allow no one to rob your joy and just look at the sky… the sky is the limit… ahhhh that infinite sky…  DO the right thing always… that joyful flow is contagious. Latinas Stand Up!


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